Sipi Falls are three incredibly beautiful waterfalls formed by the Sipi River as it cascades downhill from the upper slopes of Mount Elgon into the Kyoga Basin. Sipi falls area is the starting trail for a number of hikes up Mount Elgon, situated in Kapchorwa district at the boundary of Uganda and Kenya lies a small trading center of Sipi at an altitude of 1,775m on Mount Elgon’s northeastern foothills.

Within under an hour’s (45km) drive on a good surfaced road from Mbale district, you arrive in a very pretty and peaceful Sipi.  The village overlooks the 100m-high Sipi Falls, which is the last of the series of the three beautiful waterfalls that are well distributed for day hikes in the surrounding hills, offering spectacular views to the lower-lands further west.

Recently made a trip to the magnificent Sipi falls, and here are some of the different exciting activities not to miss out,

Guided walks It’s the tranquility we noticed first, people and animals dominate the roads here, with young men occasionally stopping you for a chat or to work as your guide of the day. Through the hike you will quickly notice the cooler climate and a pleasant change of humidity compared to the lowlands.

You can choose to undertake a day hike from the main waterfall to the three smaller falls that lie upstream. And it is possible to include a coffee tour to the local subsistence farms, get to learn about the coffee farming process from harvesting and drying the beans to roasting and grinding them before it gets to your cup of coffee.

You will most certainly need a guide to hike the Sipi Falls, this is not only to help you locate some sites but also part of the guiding fees goes to contributing to local landowners for easy access to each of the falls. You can arranged for a guide through your tour operator or through the Sipi Tour Guides Association at the entrance to the Sipi Falls Resort. The rates are around US$6-10 per person depending on the duration of the walk and where you arrange it.  

Abseiling  This can be arranged through your tour operator and you will need about US$50 to arrange abseiling and rock climbing on the cliffs around the waterfalls.

Fishing  Rainbow trout were introduced into the stretch of the Sipi River from Kenya, just under an hour’s walk or 30 minutes’ drive from Sipi Trading Centre. You will need a permit that costs US$50 for 24 hours for this activity, plus a rod and tackle that cost US$30 per person.

Getting up-close the waterfalls

Though not as popular as the likes Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Murchison falls National Park, Sipi Falls is still one of magical spots to look out for on a Uganda Safari tour. It has incredibly beautiful views and is a peaceful place with excellent accommodation facilities for visitors to go refresh, and relax your body and mind, away from the hustle and bustle of work and the city.

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