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East African Safari Cost Guideline

So you’re planning on traveling to Africa looking to experience all the magic the bush has to offer?  You have always pictured yourself seeing lions up close, giraffe towers reaching out to the sky, trekking mountain gorillas in the misty forests of Bwindi, and following the pursuit of a leopard as they stalk their prey. But you are wondering how much such an African safari cost? Well, you have come to the right place! We are going to share with you a breakdown of how much to budget for an African safari so you can get an idea of the costs and start on planning your escape to Africa. 

african safari cost

When you plan your trip to Africa, the hardest part is usually choosing which country to visit. There are so many incredible destinations on offer – from the African Savannah of Kenya and Tanzania for remarkable African game safaris to premier travel destinations for primate tracking enthusiasts in Rwanda and Uganda – here you get to  experience gorilla trekking in the forests of Bwindi impenetrable national park and Volcanoes national park. But when it comes to the cost of the trip, you might be wondering which countries will be fit for your budget and safari interests, or perhaps you just want to get an idea of how much a trip to Africa might cost. And it is obvious that in most cases if you are a first time traveler, you will need to be sure it is exactly the adventure you have imaged. The guide below will break it down for you and cover all the information you need to know about how much an East African safari would cost you. 

Kenyan Safari Costs: What to Keep in Mind

African safari

We will start with one of the most beloved destinations when it comes to African safari game and certainly one of the most popular choices when combining both beach and bush adventure. You can plan an African safari to Kenya through the year and it is not hard to see why this is a popular choice for most travelers. East Africa is the typical safari destination you have seen on Hollywood screens. You can expect to see an abundance of wildlife, vast open landscapes, and unique cultures. For example, we do not think you can miss the opportunity to visit a Masai Mara renown for the Great Migration as millions of wildebeests, Burchell’s zebras, antelopes and other herd animals make the trek from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya!

Some costs to be aware of on a Kenya safari are National Park Fees and bush flight transfers which are often included in your general trip cost. On your arrival at Jomo Kenya International Airport in Nairobi, you will be transferred to the domestic airport for your exciting small aircraft flight into the bush!

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Tanzanian Safari Costs: What to Keep in Mind

Tanzania safari

Another remarkable African Safari destination for your next safari is the East African country of Tanzania. Seasonally, the wide-open plains of Tanzania play host to the Great Migration and this means tons of other wildlife encounters. A mix of glamping tented camps and ultra-luxury lodges are on offer, allowing guests the best of both worlds for their wildlife adventure. The beauty of choosing Tanzania is that you can also easily connect to Zanzibar Island, a breathtaking spot to escape from the world off the coast of mainland Tanzania. This way you get both a traditional African safari and a beach escape in one! 

Rwandan Safari Costs: What to Keep in Mind

Rwanda is one of the most preferred destination to visit in Africa, especially if you envisage yourself up close and personal with the incredible Mountain Gorillas in the wildness of Volcanoes National Park. In Rwanda, primate trekking experience is a conservation-based programs and costly to uphold, trekking gorillas is an expensive (but extremely rewarding) experience. Mountain Gorilla Trekking permits cost $1,500 per person, and all funds are returned into the national parks to help protect these endangered primates. Most lodging accommodation here are on the luxury end and range seasonally. Gorilla trekking pairs wonderfully with a game safari in Akagera National Park in Rwanda, or with some of the more commonly visited safari parks within Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania. The charm of this landlocked country is something we recommend with our hearts out to everyone, at least once in their lifetime!

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Ugandan Safari Costs: What to Keep in Mind

uganda safari

Uganda is such an imaginable beauty, boasting of both the African Savannah game and arguably the primate capital of East Africa. Gorilla trekking is absolutely the highlight of any Uganda safari – you can encounter mountain gorillas in two of Uganda’s national parks of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National park open to tourist all year round. In Uganda, gorilla permits cost $700, and there are different lodging options that are strategically set up for gorilla trekking around and within Bwindi forest ranging from budget, mid-range to luxury accommodation.

The magic of Uganda – the pearl of Africa as often referred to, is a destination that gives you an opportunity to go white water rafting at the source of the mighty River Nile, embark on thrilling game drives in different African safari parks and then complete your African adventure trekking gorilla in Bwindi in just one country!

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