Map showing Uganda’s National parks

Uganda’s national parks are a combination of savannah grasslands, tropical rain-forests, spectacular landscapes, all with different experiences. The Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest are Uganda’s most famous attraction, located in south western part of the country. A 3 days gorilla safari to this park will enable you to get to see the highlights including the different bird species and more. The Rwenzori Mountains are another thrilling adventure for mountain climbers and one wouldn’t miss to take the adventure to the highest peak – Margherita.

The national parks in Uganda are managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority – a body set by the government to help with the normal daily activities. Park entrance fees are paid to UWA and part of the money is set aside to cater for the nearby communities located near the parks. When visiting any of the park, you can either book in advance at the reservations office or pay at the gate while entering the park. The fees vary according to your nationality i.e Locals, East African citizens and foreigners.

It’s unreal to say there are some of the best national parks to visit in Uganda since they are gifted by nature in different ways. Queen Elizabeth N.P in western Uganda is another popular destination famous for the Kazinga channel & Ishasha tree climbing lions. Our 8 days Uganda Wildlife Holiday will take you to see most of these highlights combined with a gorilla trekking experience and other activities.

National Parks of Uganda, Map of Uganda

The Above Map shows National Parks in Uganda and where they are located.


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