Our Best Selected Uganda Safaris & Gorilla Trekking Tours

Here at Primate World Safaris, our friendly team is here to make life easy for you. Instead of giving you hundreds of options to choose from, we have personally selected our favorite holiday destinations Uganda has to offer. We have listed our most popular Uganda safaris below for you to choose from and you can use any as a template for making your own tailor made itinerary.

3 Days Murchison Falls Tour
Uganda Safaris

03 Days Murchison Falls Tour

One of the amazing short Uganda Safaris to the largest wildlife park with vast Savannah & Landscape BOOK NOW

3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Safari
gorilla trekking tours in uganda

03 Days Bwindi Gorilla Trekking

An amazing safari to the famous Bwindi impenetrable forests for a gorilla trekking experience BOOK NOW

3 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park
Tree Climbing lions

03 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park

A journey to the medley of wonders set against the backdrop of the Rwenzori mountains BOOK NOW

4 Days Gorilla and Chimp Tracking Safari
Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda

04 Days Gorilla & Chimp Tracking

A Chimp and Gorilla tracking tour in one of the most sought after world class tourist destinations BOOK NOW

4 Days Gorilla Trekking Safari
Gorilla Trekking tours

04 Days Gorilla Trekking Safari

One of the world’s premier wildlife encounters in Africa’s most dense forests with a reputable Uganda safaris Co. BOOK NOW

4 Days Murchison Falls Holiday
safari tours uganda

04 Days Murchison Falls Holiday

Rhino Trekking combined with a perfect game viewing experience & boat trips on the Nile BOOK NOW

5 Days Queen and Gorilla Safari
Uganda safari tour

05 Days Queen & Gorillas Safari

One of the most exciting wildlife experiences on earth to see the tree climbing lions of Ishasha. BOOK NOW

5 Days Gorilla & Wildlife Holiday
uganda wildlife safari

05 Days Uganda Gorillas & Wildlife Holiday

The most outstanding wildlife attractions in Bwindi forest and Queen Elizabeth Park. BOOK NOW

5 Days Uganda Primate & Game Safari
primate safaris in uganda

05 Days Uganda Primates & Game

Our best selected Uganda safaris that takes you for an ultimate game viewing experience with gorilla trekking BOOK NOW

6 Days Gorilla & Chimpanzee Holiday
gorilla trekking tours in uganda

06 Days Gorilla & Chimpanzee Holiday

Explore, discover & experience Uganda’s stunning Lushness & spectacular landscapes BOOK NOW

6 Days Gorilla Tracking & Wildlife Safari
Kenya safaris

06 Days Gorilla Tracking & Wildlife

The Best Uganda Safaris for visitors that wish to combine wildlife safaris and Gorilla Trekking experiences BOOK NOW

7 Days Classic Game & Bwindi Gorilla
Uganda safari tours

07 Days Classic Game & Bwindi Gorillas

Exploring the vast landscapes and varied scenery of Uganda’s national parks BOOK NOW

7 Days Small Group Adventure Holiday
White water rafting

07 Days Small group Adventure

An adventure holiday to explore the Nile and enjoy game drives, trekking & cultural encounters. BOOK NOW

8 Days Uganda & Rwanda Activity Holiday
safari tours uganda rwanda

08 Days Uganda & Rwanda Activity Holiday

A trip across two countries, Uganda & Rwanda for the best wildlife and cultural activities. BOOK NOW

8 Days Uganda Wildlife Holiday
uganda wildlife holiday

08 Days Uganda Wildlife Holiday

An exciting wildlife journey through Uganda with the best guiding team BOOK NOW

8 Days Uganda Wild Tour
bird watching in uganda

08 Days Wild Tour

The most popular birding holiday that visitors have found truly memorable BOOK NOW

9 Days Wildlife & Activity Holiday
uganda safari tours

09 Days Wildlife & Activity Holiday

One of the recommended tours for a memorable wildlife experience in Uganda BOOK NOW

9 Days Wildlife & Ngamba Chimps Holiday
chimpanzee trekking in uganda

09 Days Wildlife & Ngamba Chimps Holiday

Exploring the beautiful wildlife game parks and Chimpanzees on Ngamba Island                                                                  BOOK NOW

9 Days Wildlife & Trekking Holiday
gorilla trekking tours in uganda

09 Days Wildlife & Trekking Holiday

An opportunity to tour East Africa’s outstanding wildlife attractions with rich Savannah & geography. BOOK NOW

10 Days Uganda Gorillas & Game Safari
gorilla trekking tours in uganda

10 Days Uganda Gorillas & Game Safari

Amazing trip to enjoy Nile rafting, Game safaris, Chimp tracking and trekking the mountain gorillas. BOOK NOW

10 Days Wildlife & Cultural Safari
uganda safaris

10 Days Wildlife & Cultural Safari

A holiday that takes you to Uganda’s cultural heritages while discovering its outstanding wildlife attractions BOOK NOW

14 Days Uganda's Most Popular Safari
uganda safaris

14 Days Uganda’s most popular

We invite you to participate in our 14 days safari experience unfolding the best thrilling wildlife encounters BOOK NOW

15 Days Uganda, Rwanda Adventure Holiday
safari tours uganda rwanda

15 Days Uganda, Rwanda

An adventure holiday in East Africa’s most rewarding areas to explore for Wildlife, Birds, Primates. BOOK NOW

15 Days Uganda Wildlife Activity Holiday
uganda safari tour

15 Days Uganda Wildlife Activity Holiday

A trip around Uganda to see the beauty of its wildlife parks & sanctuaries, tropical rain forests, lakes, rivers BOOK NOW

16 Days Gorilla & Rwenzori Expedition
Rwenzori mountains climbing

16 Days Gorilla & Rwenzori Expedition

A mountaineering adventure to Africa’s tallest mountain ranges combined with gorilla trekking & Chimp tracking BOOK NOW

20 Days Uganda & Rwanda Wildlife Holiday
rwanda safaris

20 Days Uganda & Rwanda Wildlife Holiday

An amazing wildlife holiday taking you to see the most breathtaking scenery & Big Game in Uganda & Rwanda BOOK NOW

28 Days Cultural & Birding Holiday
birding in uganda

28 Days Cultural & Birding holiday

This safari will make you taste the diversity of Uganda with a mixture of wildlife, Bird-life, culture & primates. BOOK NOW

Services Offered by Primate World Safaris

Primate World Safaris offers a wide range of Tour packages like Gorilla tours and Safaris, Chimpanzee trekking experiences, Day tours, Cultural tours, Game viewing safaris, Flying Safaris, Walking safaris, Community Safaris, Birding Adventures, White Water rafting along River Nile, Mountain hiking expeditions and Wildlife encounters across Uganda and East Africa wide. Get discounted rates for all our Uganda safaris during the low seasons and save more on your budget.


Where to Stay during your Uganda Safaris

There are quite a number of safari lodges in Uganda that you can be able to choose from and fall in different categories. The Budget accommodation type in Bandas & Tents, Midrange accommodation in self-contained Bandas, cottages, rooms and the luxury facilities with rooms, cottages inclusive of other benefits. Most of the safari lodges are located within or outside the national parks so it will be quite easy to get up for that early morning game drive.

Which Places to visit on your Uganda safaris ?

This will ideally depend on your budget but most travel experts who have been to Uganda will recommend the Bwindi impenetrable forest, since its home to the famous mountain gorillas. Another destination will be Queen Elizabeth national park, one of Uganda’s biggest game parks and the most popular. For a visitor option for more wildlife, Murchison falls is the best place but Kidepo in the far north is another undiscovered gem. Adventure lovers will obviously opt to visit Jinja & Source of the Nile and it’s a 1 and half hours drive from the capital – Kampala.

Which Safari Car will be ideal on your Uganda Safaris ?

Most of the roads to these national parks in Uganda are well maintained but not tarmacked to the entrances. During the wet seasons, it tends to get muddy so a good 4×4 wheel safari vehicle is the most recommended kind of safari car. The land cruiser safari car models are the best since they offer to carry even up to 10 passengers with comfort-ability & safety. They are commonly used in Uganda due to their strong ability to move through the hard to reach places in Uganda.

Why Book with a Travel Company / Tour Operator for your Uganda Safaris

Booking through a trusted and recognized tour operator / travel company will save you a lot of time in choosing which places to see, where to sleep, which roads to use and so much more. You will definitely need someone on the ground to guide you the whole trip. Most travel companies will offer these services at a very affordable commission fee with a Safari car and Tour guide to take you around the places you want to visit. They can also help you book for your accommodation and most importantly, the gorilla & chimp permits that need to be booked weeks prior to the date of trekking.

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