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Choosing the right African Safari package is a big contribution on how you will enjoy your stay in Africa. Well – an African Safari is probably one of those things on a traveler’s bucket list or a dream come true to most people living in America, Europe, Asia. Certainly it takes time and effort for anyone to choose what kind of experience they expect to have. It doesn’t come that easy but most safaris are at a 90% rate of being what they expected.

Africa is a continent not a country – like most people have in mind and so there are many countries all with different cultures, languages, people, attractions and experiences. A traveler would choose the ones close to the coast, like in Zanzibar or cape-town since there’s quite a good atmosphere for a summer Vacation. Others would rather take an adventure into the jungles of Congo or to the source of Nile River in Jinja, just to get-away from the daily normal routine back home.

There are quite a number of attractions on this continent and it’s believed most people get confused while choosing among the many safari packages. Many travel agents in the UK, US, Asia have gone an extra mile to employ experienced ground handlers to enable them get more information. However booking through an experienced African Tour Operator would be more affordable.

An African Safari package can be in different categories which include; Wildlife Safari, Bush-Camping Safari, Tailor-made safari, Walking Safari, Cultural Safari, Adventure Safari, Mountain Expedition Safari, Self-drive Safari, Luxury Safari, Primate Safari & a Trekking Safari. Most of these Safaris are differentiated by the activities, price or places visited.

Choosing among one of these can’t be easy that’s why a tour operator will ask for the activities you are interested in and the type of budget on making an Inquiry. If they don’t you should consider asking for more information or contact another tour operator who will give you detailed information.

The right time to travel would be during summer time when they are lesser rains but still anytime of the year would be okay depending on the location you’re visiting.

If looking for a Safari that will make you feel comfortable – consider a high end or mid-range budget since most tour operators will have to offer you extra services like hotel pickups & drop offs and many other services.

African Safari package for a Group

For a group opting to travel together to Africa, consider the right & experienced Safari Company with experienced guides. Also a tour that offers you a chance to enjoy most of the activities while in a group is Ideal. Activities like Boat trips, trekking, hiking, game safaris need to be considered while selecting a group tour.

Some group trips end up ‘going bad’ due to unavoidable circumstances but that shouldn’t determine what your experience would be like. On the 24th September 2017 in South Africa, a group of 36 Dutch tourists were robbed on a bus while leaving the airport but they were later rescued by Police. They later returned home safe but the South African Police was ready to help them recover their stolen belongings. Although there is a lot of crime, S.A is one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

This should be a reminder to always consider ‘safety’ while choosing the right safari package. Perhaps having travel insurance would also be a great idea before planning to travel. In Uganda, most hotels are located in Entebbe near the airport reducing the risks.

African Safari Package for a Couple /Individual

For an individual or couple traveling to Africa, the right places to visit on that safari need to be considered. A beach, city tour to heritage sites, boat trip are among those activities you should look out for on the itineraries. The Lodges /hotels too matter and good reviews about them would make it a plus for that safari package.

If looking for a safari package that will give you more coverage while taking photos or videos, choose a photographic safari. Most tour companies in Africa have these special offers so always be specific when inquiring.

Some travelers would rather have quite a number of activities all in one trip and making a choice is hard for them. The best option is for them to opt for a tailor-made safari where they can choose the travel destinations and kind of activities they are interested in. This option can be availed by some (not all) tour operators who have the experience in organizing such kind of tours.

Other Safaris are in order of the category for-example a Cultural Safari for cultural tours, Gorilla Safari for trekking the mountain gorillas, bush camping safari for bush camps and many others.

Lastly, most safaris are arranged according to duration i.e. short safaris, Long safaris, day trips & excursions. If planning to stay longer you would opt for a long safari, if for a short time opt for a short safari and if for a day or 2, choose an excursion. This should give you a clear picture on how you would inquire from a tour operator about the right African safari package you are hoping for.

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