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Most Travellers planning to book an African Safari from California, New York or even across in Canada often have questions about how long it will take to their preferred destination in Africa, and if they need recovery time on arrival.

While we are well committed to giving you the best African Safari tour, one thing we can’t have much influence on is the flight length and the jet lag. But we can help you prepare and make the most of the journey along the way.


Getting to Africa from the Americas can take you up to a whole day of travel. The actual flights vary from 14 hours up to 21 hours, depending on where your journey starts from and if indeed your flight is direct or connecting via Europe.

There are a few different flight paths we always like to suggest, depending on your airline preferences or if you have airline miles or award points you can leverage.

Take for example, a direct flight from Atlanta or New York to Nairobi takes around 13 hours.

And If you choose to connect through Europe, the flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Amsterdam is around 10 hours. Then the next leg to Nairobi or Kampala is about 8 and 10 hours respectively.


There is also something to be excited about with the two-legged flights, you can choose to break up the trip and visit wonderful countries along the way!

A number of our African Safari tour guests choose to have a long layover in Europe. For example, you can spend the whole day touring one of the amazing cities in Europe from where you can easily connect to Africa. Cities like Paris, London or Amsterdam standout in activities like landmark sighting, shopping and not forgetting a taste of Europe’s different cuisines before heading back to the airport for your next flight to Africa.

And If you don’t plan to leave the airport as you wait for your connecting flight, the business class lounges also have spas and showers to relax and freshen up before hopping onto your next flight.


Since it takes a whole day of travel, and then another day to relax and shake off the journey fatigue, we usually recommend at least 10 days in Africa depending on the activities you intend to engage in.

In our opinion, two plus weeks is a great length of time to visit a few countries and not feel rushed. If you choose to look at a multi-country experience, then two weeks in Africa is a great amount of time to experience a lot.

Are you considering to travel to Africa for a Safari? Then look no further than Primate World Safaris. We can help you plan the best African Safari Adventure that suits your needs and budget. Speak with us today and go Experience Africa’s Wilderness.

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