is Uganda Safe for visitors and tourists

The year is 2018 and you are thinking is Uganda Safe to visit? Yes, absolutely, the Pearl of Africa is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful countries in Africa now. In the past, Uganda suffered under the hands of the most notorious rebel leader – Joseph Kony but good news he was defeated and his ‘small army’ the Lord resistance Army disappeared to the forests of CAR (Central African Republic). Although there were other small conflicts like the one in Kasese and areas of Mount Elgon, all these have ceased to exist. Other crimes that might have existed in the past include the 2010 bombings that were targeted to normal Ugandan citizens but the security was tightened up and that was the last time such a tragedy happened. The Uganda Police is one of the most active security institutions in the country.

Is Uganda Safe from diseases and epidemics?

Well, there have been a few cases of diseases like Cholera being reported at the Uganda – Congo border but the Ministry of Health in Uganda has always rushed to control these outbreaks. In the past, Uganda had suffered an Ebola outbreak but a few people succumbed to this and it was taken out. You will probably walk on the streets and meet people from different corners and come back healthy. Malaria is also one of the commonest but most if not all hospitals are equipped with anti-malarial drugs. Measures have also been put in place to control most of these diseases e.g. Mosquito Spray, Mosquito nets, and many others.

Uganda has developed in terms of technology and if you are asking is it safe to go alone shopping or hanging out anywhere around Kampala. The answer is yes but keep in mind that there will always be a bad luck if it’s extreme like walking back home at night when it’s dark.

Most roads leading to the best national parks in Uganda have been worked on & it sure safe for a tourist to travel between these destinations without getting an accident.

The people of Uganda are so warm and friendly to visitors that come to tour & visit. According to a research, most of the population in Uganda are the youth. The major city – Kampala is where you will find the most important offices, malls, hotels and buildings.

For a traveler planning to visit Africa with their family, then Uganda is safest place to enjoy the real African experience. A lot of amazing scenery including wildlife, national parks, historical sites and unforgettable cultural encounters. Is Uganda Safe for a couple? Yes, perhaps you can find out the best honeymoon destinations to see this year.

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