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Your next travel plans should obviously include trekking to see the famous mountain gorillas living in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo. Quite thrilling but worth the adventure that you can’t miss to add on your travel bucket-list. The journey to these creatures will start with booking through a gorilla safari company to help you get a tracking permit. Then you will be on your way to Africa in Uganda or Rwanda where it’s much better to see the gorillas in their natural habitat.

What to consider before booking with a gorilla safari company

There are many things to consider when choosing the right gorilla safari company in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo. Reviews are one of the important things and you can always check on popular sites like ‘Trip Advisor’ or Safari Bookings to see what other travelers have experienced. Some might not be the best reviews but they sure will give you a clue about what to expect. Travelers also need to take note of the memberships and associations of the gorilla safari company they are planning to book with. The other factors include price of tracking permit but are not influential since Uganda & Rwanda have different prices which are set by the responsible authorities that manage the parks, & the same goes for Congo. Also consider the social media activity of the company you are planning to travel with. Popularity on Instagram, Facebook & twitter sites counts as a plus.

Gorilla Trekking is undoubtedly, a magical experience in Africa and anyone coming here for the first time should consider planning for one. The best months to trek are January, February, June, July, August & December. The seasons in Uganda are very fluctuating but since during the rainy seasons, some of the roads leading to these destinations become impassable.


How many days should your gorilla Safari be?

The shortest it can be for any gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda is 3 days. The Gorilla trekking experience takes a few hours from 2 – 7 depending on the location but a full day is dedicated to this. Other recommended gorilla safaris can go to 5 days or even 10 days depending on what the traveler would like to experience. The longer tours are combined with wildlife experiences in the game parks, city tours, cultural tours, birding, chimpanzee tracking and more.


We recommend you to choose Primate World Safaris as the best gorilla safari company operating in Uganda & Rwanda.

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