Uganda Tourism

The Uganda tourism sector is one of the fastest growing sectors that contributes a lot to the country’s GDP. The Uganda tourism industry has contributed much to the economy including providing employment to thousands of people. Over 1.3 million tourists arrive each year into Uganda to explore the different destinations & attractions with the biggest percentage being Africans, followed by Europeans and Americans. National parks are commonly visited by the foreigners and the famous park is Queen Elizabeth national park – located in western Uganda followed by Murchison falls park.


Uganda’s national parks receive an average of over 20,000 tourists per month. The months of July and August have the highest number of tourists coming into Uganda hence this is the peak season. Other months of January, June and December have slightly lower visitors but also in the peak season. This is probably the time when most visitors find it easier to travel either due to Weather conditions & students being on holidays by that time. Low seasons are normally in April, May & November which receive the least amount of tourists. There is also a little rain in Uganda during this time and tourists who opt to enjoy gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking & other activities find it better to come when it’s drier.



So many new & upcoming lodges, plus the old ones – all offering a different kind of special service to visitors. The Hotel & lodge business here is fast growing due to the improving Uganda tourism sector. From Luxury accommodation to Budget kind of accommodation, almost every traveler will find what suits their pockets. The facilities are located in different places around Uganda including within or around all the national parks & wildlife reserves. The service has been set to the standard of other international lodges & any kind of traveler will feel comfortable while on their safari.

Choosing a good Safari Lodge in Africa

A room at the mountains of the moon hotel – fort portal, Uganda


In Uganda, you will find a number of associations – each for a specific group. Tour operators are members of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators), a recognized body which brings together the travel agents and ground operators. The USAGA – Uganda Safari Guides Association, is a body which also brings together the Tour Guides. Other associations include Uganda Hotel Owners association meant to connect all the hotel & Lodge owners.

Government agencies include the UTB (Uganda Tourism Board), Uganda Wildlife Authority – UWA, and the Ministry of Tourism. These agencies have promoted and marketed Uganda as a destination both locally and internationally to potential buyers. UWA – an authority in charge of Uganda’s national parks, has contributed much in conservation efforts and making sure the wildlife in these parks is safe from poaching.



Uganda has over 200 recognized and trusted tour operators who have the vast experience in designing travel packages and giving tourists the best experiences. The tour operators have invested a lot in the Uganda tourism sector by also employing tour guides, tour consultants, and many other people to run smooth the business. A tour operator will help in Booking accommodation, designing itineraries for the visitors, ground transportation and offering tour services to visitors.



The most renowned attractions in Uganda include the Source of the Nile, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi forest, Kidepo Valley, Murchison falls & many more. Over 10 National Parks are found within this country which hosts the big five. Other places to see include cultural heritage sites like the Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s palace, Martyrs Shrine etc.

The Government agencies recently launched a campaign called ‘Tulambule’ which was aimed at encouraging Uganda nationals to visit and experience the beauty of their own country. All the regions of the country were visited and promoted and the campaign later branched out to ‘Tulambule Wild’ targeting promotion of Uganda’s national parks. This has led to a massive increase in tourists within the region.


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