Gorilla Permits in Uganda

Visitors in Bwindi taking pictures of gorillas nearby a lodge, Photo taken by mathias M

In Uganda, gorilla permits can now only be obtained / bought from the UWA reservations office in Kamwokya Kampala. The gorilla permits currently cost USD $ 600 and visitors to Uganda planning for gorilla trekking have to book in advance since there are a limited number of permits given out per day. The Uganda Wildlife Authority new executive director Mr. Sam Mwandha sent a directive to all tour operators in Uganda and Rwanda plus other travel agents abroad.

The directive stops the selling of gorilla permits at the tracking centers in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national parks. The directive left many tourists, tour companies stranded as there was no earlier communications on this. Visitors have been advised to opt for early booking through recognized tour operators like Primate World Safaris.

The UWA Executive Director is still tight lipped on why they took that drastic decision. UWA is the responsible authority that maintains and runs the national parks, reserves in Uganda. There are over 10 parks in Uganda located in different regions of the country. Entrance to these parks is on a certain fee which can be paid either at the entrance or from the reservations office in Kampala.

uganda gorillas - gorilla tracking

A silver-back mountain gorilla in bwindi impenetrable forest, Uganda

Other activities which require permits include chimpanzee tracking and habituation. Currently the chimp permits in Uganda are at USD $150 and visitors can see these primates in Kibale forest national park or Kyambura gorge all in western Uganda. The other chimpanzees are at Ngamba Island – a sanctuary that helps take care of orphaned chimps or rescue those ones held in captivity. Ngamba Island is located on Lake Victoria and 1 day tours can be arranged through Primate World Safaris.

Other tour operators from Rwanda have been benefitting from buying gorilla permits from the tracking centers since the cost of a gorilla permit Uganda is cheaper than the one in Rwanda. The gorilla trekking experiences in both countries are the same and tourists can choose according to their own convenience.

Uganda and Rwanda are one of the only three countries where it’s possible to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The third one being Congo, Primate World Safaris offers the best affordable gorilla safaris to all the three countries. The company also offers an option to help in booking for gorilla permits and accommodation for tourists coming to Uganda.

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