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The untold story about Uganda’s tourism includes the stunning lushness of the national parks, spectacular landscapes and a lot more. Some of the popular tourist activities like gorilla trekking are among the most rated and exciting things anyone would do. Located in East Africa, the multi-ethnic country has many tribes and languages with some of the rarest cultures.

Uganda is among Africa’s best destinations which offer unforgettable moments to visitors. Some of the unique and beautiful features include mountains, rivers, forests, hills, majestic scenery etc.

Below are the most popular tourist activities for visitors in Uganda;

Bird watching

Uganda is gifted to have over 1000+ species of birds, making it one of the best birding destinations. The best places to see these include the Kazinga channel in queen Elizabeth park, Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi forest, Kibale forest, Budongo, Lake Mburo Mabamba swamp and many other places.

Cultural Encounters

Uganda as a country has so many tribes with different unique cultures. From these cultures, people have learnt how to identify between themselves. Some of the tribes include; Bakiga, Batooro, Baganda, Karamajong and many others. Amazing cultural experiences you will enjoy while in Uganda include the batwa cultural experience in Bwindi forest which is one of the amazing cultural encounters you will ever come across while on your Uganda tour. Others include the Ndeere experiences at Ndeere center in Kampala.

Gorilla Trekking

One of the prime tourist activities, in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Uganda. Tourists can arrange through travel agents to get gorilla permits in advance from the Uganda Wildlife Authority Offices in Kampala. This is an experience that will get to thrill you as you get close to see the gentle giants living in the forest.

White Water Rafting

The best adventure in Uganda is to go rafting on the Nile in Jinja as this leaves you excited and thrilled while moving through grade 3 and grade 5 rapids. Rafting can be arranged for either a full or half day through the travel agent. 

Chimpanzee Tracking

Love to see Chimpanzees – our closest living relatives in their natural habitats? Chimp tracking is an amazing experience and can be enjoyed in different areas in Uganda. Kibale forest is one of the prime destinations since you will also get to see other primate species. The other places include the Budongo royal Mile in Budongo forest & Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth Park. Chimp tracking permits can be booked for through a tour / travel agent from UWA offices.

Wildlife Game Drives

A game drive is one of the best ways to enjoy seeing Uganda’s spectacular wildlife attractions in the biggest national parks. Highlights include spotting animals like Lions, leopards, hyenas, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, antelopes, rhinos, warthogs and many others. An early morning game drive on your Uganda safari in one the parks will get you a chance to see some of these animals.

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