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Black Rhino in Akagera park Rwanda, photo by Frances forrer / African parks

According to Africa Parks, Rwanda government has made a partnership with them together with the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) to return Rhinos in Rwanda. A total of Five black rhinoceroses that were born and raised in zoos will be transported from Prague in the Czech Republic to Rwanda’s Akagera National Park. The five Rhinos include three female and two male black Rhinos ranging between 2 to 9 years old.  This is the largest ever transport of Rhinos from Europe to Africa. The black Rhinos are expected to arrive on Sunday 23rd June at Akagera.

Akagera park Ranger

Ranger in Akagera park Rwanda, photo by Frances forrer / African parks

The Akagera Park is home to many large plains game species such as the elephant, buffalo, topi, zebra, waterbuck, roan antelope and eland. In 2015, Lions were re-introduced in Akagera national park and in 2017, 18 black Rhinos were also transported here through a joint venture with Africa parks. The park also has over 500 bird species including the rare and elusive shoebill. The Akagera Park is located north east of Rwanda along the Tanzania border and is about 1122 sq km in size.

According to the CEO Rwanda development board, Ms Clare Akamanzi, this historical translocation of Rhinos from Europe will further enhance the natural ecosystem in Akagera. One of the biggest threats to wildlife was poaching and it’s almost non-existent in Rwanda’s four national parks

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