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These 5 places in Uganda have been rated as some of the most excellent destinations for a romantic weekend getaway. This is perfect for travelers willing to relax, explore and enjoy their stay around Uganda for only a few days.


Lake Bunyonyi

The place of many little birds, a few more miles from Kampala city located in western Uganda, Kabale district. Lake Bunyonyi and its many islands offer stunning views and breathtaking fresh air. For someone willing to get away from the busy towns and opting for a calm, quiet place, this is your ideal destination. While staying here at any of the amazing lodges, you can get to enjoy canoeing, boat riding, swimming, hiking the highlands around the lake, nature tours and birding.


Murchison falls

This park is undoubtedly one of East Africa’s best parks also the oldest and largest in Uganda. A weekend getaway to Murchison involves you taking boat trips on the calm Victoria Nile, Game drives to see wildlife and hiking to the top of Murchison falls. One of the many places in Uganda full of amazing experiences that will leave you with lifetime memories. Murchison is located in north western Uganda, and there are number of safari lodges that are strategically located within the park or outside with stunning views. The Lodges offer a number of other activities for couples planning to stay there or solo travelers e.g. Bush breakfast, Hot-air balloon safaris, spa services and many others. Also on the way towards or from Murchison, you can opt for Rhino Trekking at the Ziwa Sanctuary in Nakasongola.


Ssese islands

The truth is Uganda’s Secret Tropical Islands are found in Ssese, also a well-known destination because of its beauty, affordability and ease of access. This is the Perfect place for a romantic weekend getaway with amazing sunrises and sunsets. While here, you have chances for seeing the Moon and a starlit sky along with pyrotechnic like displays over Lake Victoria at night. The Ssese islands provide the perfect backdrop for many activities of which chilling out is foremost. These secret islands are a paradise in the pearl of Africa, located in Lake Victoria – Uganda’s largest fresh water lake.



Planning to have a little more Uganda adventure on your romantic weekend getaway? Jinja is the perfect place with lots of activities and exciting things to do. On the way towards Jinja, there are a number of places you could visit including the Mabira forest for Zip-ling experiences and nature walks. One of the famous places visitors have found amazing in Jinja is the source of the Nile – the point where the Nile River starts. Private boat trips on the Nile as you catch the sunset are available on Inquiry. Also there is a golf course unwinding along the banks of the Nile with a pretty good view of the river waters. The nearby Samuka Island is another stunning place to see with beautiful fauna. For those looking for a better way to explore Jinja, White water rafting trips are available plus Kayaking, river boarding and mountain biking. The biking is another unique way to explore the river banks, passing though farms, forests and villages beside the Nile. Jinja has quite a number of good hotels and lodges with affordable rates and its located 40kms east of Kampala making it easier to access.


Fort portal

The ever green Fort-portal town is filled with beautiful views surrounded by traditional homesteads, located in the western part of Uganda. One of the main reasons why this should your dream weekend getaway town are the Lodges. Beautifully located near the crater lakes, are a number of lodges you can choose to stay in. Imagine waking up to the views, plus a serene environment, very calm. Fort portal is also located near a number of places you can visit including Kibale forest (Chimp tracking), Queen Elizabeth national park and Semuliki valley. The Tooro Palace standing just across the town is another stunning attraction.


  1. Sentamu Jonathan says:

    Greatest of all in Africa thats why we are called uganada ekula lya Africa just as a mum and her kid Uganda is our mum we are the kids so we pledge to protect u I love u mama Africa

  2. Sentamu Jonathan says:

    From the hill of bwindi forest your eyes are fed with a branch of gorillas which are so beautiful coming down to the waters of Nile so clear n flesh for actives like swimming boat riding on the other side of the country in west you find amazing hill of rwenzori good for mountain climding with good lodges the great companies like great lakes and rivers Uganda travel and info among many more

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