Equator Uganda

Uganda is one of the few countries in the world where the Imaginary line that divides the earth into two halves (The Equator) passes. It being one of the most and well-known landmarks in Uganda, many people come here from different parts of the world to feel the lighter-weight experience and many other things. Also being able to stand between the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere; what a great experience to be at different sides of the earth at the same time!! The sun rises and falls so fast at the equator with equal days and nights’ length. Warm temperatures and tropical climate are experienced around the equator for the whole year so it’s quite hard to tell the difference between seasons. It is located 72 kilometers from Kampala capital city in kayabwe town, Mpigi district is a great place to relax and have anything cool to drink at the restaurants whether you are alone or with family. It’s also located on masaka road, so most people heading for a Uganda Safari in Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth national parks in Uganda pass by here.

There are a number of craft shops and art galleries at this place on Masaka road. With products that have been locally made by individuals and organizations that are around the equator area. Most of the tourists have found it as an awesome place to get a souvenir to take back home and tell their people how they crossed the Equator in Uganda.

Water effect at the equator!!

Did you know at the equator water drains straight down?? This is because the movement and drainage of the water will differ from the Northern and the southern hemispheres at the Equator line, in the demonstration of the carioles effect. With movement that changes direction suddenly, something in motion to the left or right when moving on a rotating body Like the earth. In some cases pressure weather cyclonical systems perform this, having a clockwise rotation in the north and a counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere. From a realistic perspective, you may not be able to see this as motion would not be seen with water in small amounts. A show man ship is used to stimulate the effect. While in the northern hemisphere, the water will drain down the hole in a clockwise direction yet take the counter clockwise direction as it drains from the southern hemisphere down the hole.

Lighter weight!!

It’s true, you will find out that your 3% lighter at the equator line. Why? This comes about because; weight is a force of which gravity acts on mass. Along this line, anyone’s weight will be less by 0.5% thus gravity is 0.5 % less at the Equator. This is inclined to the earth not being a perfect sphere. At the poles, it is flattened. You will be a few tons of kilometers away from the center of the earth while standing at the equator unlike when standing at the poles. Gravity is therefore only slightly less at the equator because it falls off with distance.


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